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The Energies of Love and Relationships:
Attract and create better relationships with the power of high vibration energy!

Join David Price Francis in this 90-minute Zoom class with energy expert David Price Francis, you will discover:

• How and why all relationships start energetically.
• The roots of energetic attraction–why like calls to like and yet opposites can also attract.
• The key energetic difference between a narcissistic relationship and a relationship that brings true happiness and wellbeing.
• How partners always produce a mutual relationship field between them and how this field can be consciously co-created to bring immense benefit to both.
• How all relationships are subject to the 3 energetic tests of time.
• The Ladder of Love – the 7 levels of love and how to diagnose what level your relationship is at.
• Psychological inhibitors that block the energies of love and successful relationships.
• How masculine and feminine energies flow differently and how you can use this knowledge to improve the flow of energies in your life.
• How to attract the relationships you want and why being your authentic self is the first step.
There will be an opportunity for participants to ask questions at the end of the class.

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