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This is where your Rose journey starts… a beautiful class to attune you to the 11 healing Rose Frequencies and Heart Codes that make up the Rose 1 set in the Rose Oracle.

The day starts with exploring the context of the work… How the Rose Oracle set developed and the connection to the empowerment pathway story of the Divine Feminine – The Rosa Mystica in all of her forms… and the weave of the Divine Mother with Mary Magdalene and the path of the Mary’s.

We will look at the Sacred Geometry of the Rose and her connection to the natural world, to Love and the planet Venus and her significance for us now, before diving into the Rose frequencies themselves.

The 11 Roses from the Rose 1 set form a powerful self healing grid on the body and so we will work with each Rose in turn and you will get to connect and understand the message that each Rose holds for you in your personal healing and empowerment journey… To come home to yourself, rest in your Golden Heart and Be LOVE.

From that place of the Heart the true magnetics of your original Soul Mastery imprint can fully activate and illuminate your highest path and connection to your Beloved within.

This pathway opens effortless manifestation, a feeling of well being at all levels and a sense of connection and alignment with Life purpose.

The Rose 1 healing grid works well with other modalities including Reiki, massage and coaching/mentoring.

The full 5 classes form a powerful path of inner transformation and personal spiritual development

You can take class 1 in person and complete the other classes online as an option.

Class Requirements: Bring a set of the Rose Alchemy Rose Cards. (available for purchase)

You can purchase this course via paypal by clicking the link below:

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