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This is special one-day class covering the first 2 parts of the Rose Alchemy Therapy Training. Further classes will be available in subsequent programs in the US or can be taken from the online program that will be available from September.

Rose Alchemy is a high frequency, holistic, energy re-balancing modality that uses 45 powerful Rose frequencies to offer great support, insight and healing. The rose frequencies access the quantum field via the heart centre (chakra) where residual inner blocks and stories can be gracefully transmuted by the Rose healing Codes. This re-alignment enables the natural magnetics of the Heart to radiate in their perfect geometry, optimising energy, increasing intuition and well-being.

Rose Class one: The Rose Healing Grid
Attunement to the 11 Original Rose Frequencies… Balancing the physical, mental and emotional energies with the Rose Healing Grid. Understanding the sacred geometry of the rose and how this relates to us.


Trusting your Intuitive guidance
Empowering your authentic voice
See and release residual old patterns and programs
Learn ways to Master your energy
Attune your energy to the high frequency energy of the Roses- Attunement to the original 11 rose energies that form the basic healing grid
Practical experience of using the rose grid for self healing and healing of friends and family

Rose Class two: The Master Roses
Introduction to the 3 Master Roses on the original Chakra grid…
Bringing Harmony to Masculine and Feminine aspects of self and lighting the Golden Flame of the Heart

The Chakras and the their physical/emotional stories are explored in depth, plus the 5 wounds to the heart (abandonment, betrayal, denial, judgment and separation) the balance of yin/yang, fem/masculine, lunar/solar energies within us and the effect they have on our health, relationships and abundance. Practical work in the workshop of using the energies on the body and for distant healing work

Topics covered:

Deepen the connection to the power of the Rose energies
Work with the 3 Master Rose energies and their qualities
Using the Roses to strengthen your own energy in different situations
Using the Roses to empower projects
Work with grids and protocol to offer remote Rose healing or weave it with your existing practice (Practical)
Practical experience of using the healing grids on others and for distance healing

NB. A Rose Alchemy Oracle for the Heart is required for this class.

Class Prices: $155.00 or $125.00 if you have taken Rose 1 

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