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“Valuable Feng Shui Principles in Real Estate Today” is a 3 hour CEU class focused on providing real estate professionals core principles in Feng Shui that can affect the marketability of a home and property. Many buyers and sellers are educated in Feng Shui and want to work with a real estate professional that has knowledge and understanding of important basics.

Learn the core principles of Feng Shui in Real Estate at NCJAR with Renae Jensen, NJ RE Certified CE Instructor. With over 20 years of teaching Feng Shui, Renae will teach you the fundamentals of Feng Shui and how to increase the marketability of a home and property.

Feng Shui is over 3,000 years old and has many layers of information and wisdom! This course is designed to simplify and introduce Feng Shui in a way that a real estate professional can understand, utilize and communicate Feng Shui confidently in their business.



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