Feng Shui for Business – Class 4 – Creating a Positively Charged Business Environment

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Feng Shui for Business with Master Teacher David Price Francis
Class 4 – Creating a Positively Charged Business Environment

Energetic ecologies are created by the interaction between how we think, feel, and behave and where this connects us to in the 7 levels of the planet’s energetic spectrum. Knowing the nature of the energies in these 7 levels offers us a map of possible energetic outcomes that we can target in our personal and business endeavors. Learn how to use this energy map to chart your progress and keep track of your success. Explore how you can navigate your business toward financial success while maintaining your personal integrity, values, and standards.

You can achieve a balanced, harmonious, financially successful business while experiencing the personal satisfaction of knowing you are making a valuable contribution to the world. When your motivating reasons and intentions are shared with clients and employees it is possible to create an ecology of ethical leadership that transcends throughout your organization. Learn practical techniques that are designed to help you achieve your financial goals while maintaining a high level of mental and emotional wellbeing.

This class includes a meditation to help you in your centering process, crucial to your personal and business success.

Consciously work with mental, emotional, and universal energies to optimize YOUR personal and business success.

Feng shui utilizes principles that are effective in consciously designing spaces that are balanced and harmonious. You can also use these understandings to consciously design your business to optimize your success and wellbeing by following principles of harmony and balance to uplift and foster creativity and productivity within your business.

This 4-part series explores how you can create a high-vibration ecology in your business and in the workplace. Learn practical techniques and understandings to create the high-vibration business you desire while bringing you the material and financial success you deserve!
180.00 for all 4 classes
All classes are recorded.

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