Feng Shui for Business – Class 3- Being like Rock, Being like Water

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Feng Shui for Business With Master Teacher David Price Francis
Class 3 – Being like Rock, Being like Water

Making the right action at the wrong time is as detrimental to your business as making the wrong action at the right time. Should you contract or expand? Should you hold firm in your position and stand strong like a rock or be flexible, flow with what is happening, and be fluid like water?

An entrepreneur’s role is to acquire information in a timely manner and have the flexibility to move where the intelligence leads. A crucial ingredient in making accurate and timely business decisions is being well connected to the intelligence our instinct offers us. A successful entrepreneur can be firm or flexible, move fast or slow, according to need. Discover what can impede the flow of your instinct and learn ways to hone your intuition into a skill that helps you succeed in your business.

Also, discover why spiritually-motivated businesses are often particularly attractive targets to people with narcissistic energies. Learn 5 red flags to watch for to help you spot people with narcissistic energy and how to make your business immune to these toxic energies.

This class includes a meditation to help you access 3 major planetary powers that are crucial to your business success.

Consciously work with mental, emotional, and universal energies to optimize YOUR personal and business success.

Feng shui utilizes principles that are effective in consciously designing spaces that are balanced and harmonious. You can also use these understandings to consciously design your business to optimize your success and wellbeing by following principles of harmony and balance to uplift and foster creativity and productivity within your business.

This 4-part series explores how you can create a high-vibration ecology in your business and in the workplace. Learn practical techniques and understandings to create the high-vibration business you desire while bringing you the material and financial success you deserve!
Cost is $180.00 for the series. Classes are recorded.

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