Feng Shui for Business – Class 2 – Clearing Toxicity and Resolving Conflicts

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Feng Shui for Business with Master Teacher David Price Francis
Class 2. Clearing Toxicity and Resolving Conflicts

Clearing toxic energy from the ecology of your business is key to creating and maintaining a high-energy vibration that supports your wellbeing and financial success. Discover the 9 prime psychological blockages that cause toxicity and impede the growth and success of any business, and how to remedy them. These mental, emotional, and behavioral patterns include: overwhelm, fragmentation, self-sabotage, undervaluing, over intending, weak internal and external boundaries, and delusional thinking. By understanding these psychologies and how to remedy them you can take greater control of the energies in your business and create greater harmony and balance.

We will also explore techniques to help you argue more effectively and productively with minimum friction. People often divide into polarizing positions such as for and against, attack and defend. This produces friction and antagonism which is hot and often damaging to all involved. The resulting energy is corrosive and hampers harmony and progressive endeavors in the workplace. Learn the keys to resolving conflicts by taking deliberate and conscious mental and emotional positions which enable you to resolve conflicts and clear toxic energy from your business environment. Discover how shared reasons help create a high-vibration business ecology that is beneficial to your leadership, clients, and employees.

Consciously work with mental, emotional, and universal energies to optimize YOUR personal and business success.

Feng shui utilizes principles that are effective in consciously designing spaces that are balanced and harmonious. You can also use these understandings to consciously design your business to optimize your success and wellbeing by following principles of harmony and balance to uplift and foster creativity and productivity within your business.

This 4-part series explores how you can create a high-vibration ecology in your business and in the workplace. Learn practical techniques and understandings to create the high-vibration business you desire while bringing you the material and financial success you deserve!

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