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Energy Colors and Concentrates – 2nd Class in the Energy Mapping Series
by David Price Francis 

Discover how and why different natures of energy concentrate in different places and people. Learn how to chart these color energies using the map of the 7 levels of the planet’s energy worlds spectrum. Discover how to differentiate between different colors of energy and what these colors signify. Why do some places have warm and welcoming energy and other places do not? This class includes how to use vibrational dowsing to detect the presence of different natures of energy.

Join David Price Francis,  world renowned author, teacher and energy expert live on Zoom on April 8 at 2 pm EST. If you cannot attend the class live, no worries, it is fully recorded.

David Price Francis is an expert in helping individuals, couples, and groups understand and improve the quality of energetics in their personal lives and relationships using techniques and strategies that he has successfully developed in private practice working with clients for over thirty-five years. He is the author of Go With The Glow: From Psychological Pain to Spiritual Happiness: Partners in Passion: How To Positively Transform the Energies in all Your Relationships, and The Tales of Dr. Woo: A Journey into Truth.

David has also developed “Integrative Energetics,” a series of online courses that focus on how we can integrate the energies of our mind, body, soul, and spirit, to engage in a more holistic way with ourselves, our lives, and our relationships, as well as being better able to access and understand the energetic intelligence our physical and energetic systems seek to offer us every day. The first module in this series, “The Human Aura: A Practical Introduction To Your Personal Energy Field” is now available.

David lives in Coconut Creek, Florida

The Energy Mapping Series consists of 4 transformational classes.  This series of valuable to you both professionally and personally  as you learn about the world of energy.

The cost in total is $180.00  and you will receive all 4 recordings as well as the opportunity to attend live.

RECORDING : Class 1 – The 7 Levels of the Planet’s Energy Worlds is the first class is a fabulous series on Energy Mapping.
All energy work takes place within the larger context of the 7 levels of the planet’s energy worlds spectrum. Understanding these 7 levels and how they relate to the human energy field and space clearing is the first step in a comprehensive understanding of how human energies interact with planetary energies in spaces, places, and within our personal and mutual relationship fields. Boost the power of your personal and business practice by understanding the world of fine energies and their effects on our health, psychology, and emotions.

Upcoming Live Zoom :
3. Transform Energy in Places and People For Enhanced Wellbeing
Live Zoom: Wednesday April 22nd 2020, 2pm EST
Explore how to change the energies of people and places by raising the level of their vibration. Learn how to displace unwanted, lower energies and create higher vibration ecologies. This class includes nine specific and effective tools for breaking up lower energies and replacing them with higher, finer energy. Each of these techniques has been personally used and tested by the speaker.

4. Charging Your ElectroImmune System to Keep Energetically Clean and Avoid Burnout
Live Zoom: Wednesday April 29th 2020, 2pm EST
Strategies to keep yourself energetically well charged, protected, and to avoid burnout are vital for the practitioner who is engaged in space clearing and all types of energy work. It is no good clearing a space if we take the energetic debris home with us! This class explores multiple effective techniques to ensure your own energy field stays clean and well charged, for your own best benefit and the benefit of your clients. This class includes The Manifestation Meditation. This meditation is designed to help you create the life you desire at all 7 levels of the planet’s energy worlds spectrum.

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