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An evening exploring Dowsing

An evening of practical dowsing skills – working with both L rods and pendulum to identify issues with land and spaces, earth grids and vortexes… we will also look at other uses for dowsing as guidance for health and vitality choices.

Sandy has been dowsing for the past 20 years. Is a member of the British Society of Dowsers and presented at their conference in 2015 and this year is a speaker at the American Society of Dowsers Convention.

Sandy Humby is an Energy Alchemist with a lifetime’s immersion in the healing and empowerment path of the Sacred Feminine. She is a Pranic Healer, House Whisperess and the author and creator of Rose Alchemy: Rose Oracle for the Heart and the Rose Alchemy Holistic Healing programme. Sandy is a carrier of the Rose flame codes of consciousness and an initiate of the Magdalene order of the White Rose. She shares her work through seminars, retreats and teaching programme in the UK, Europe, Scandinavia and USA.

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