Green Weddings are making a difference! Eco-Conscious weddings are a beautiful way to begin a new life journey. Adding Feng Shui to the plans can make your event event more auspicious! Preserving the planet, supporting local artisans and businesses, decreasing energy waste, and  honoring each other is truly a celebration.

Many celebrities are taking the green step to the altar. Celebrity Green Weddings include Natalie Portman and Benjamin Millepied, Anne Hathaway and Adam Shulman, Alicia Silverstone and Christopher Jarecki, Stella McCartney & Alasdhair Willis, Elizabeth Hurley & Arun Nayarand.

There are lots of resources available to guide the responsible couple in creating a beautiful, inspiring, and eco-friendly wedding. Wedding Planners now specialize in Green Weddings. Ideally they will also know some feng shui to the arrangements to create a joyous and beneficial ceremony.

Eco Weddings

Enjoy some Tips and Considerations in your wedding planning:

Venue – Choose your Special Place

  • Choose a local and sustainable venue.
  • Natural habitats are in, and a beautiful beach or a field provide a connection to the earth.
  • Farm weddings have been a big trend, and consider a wedding in your own home.
  • Find a Green hotel at
  • Calculate your Emissions as your guests travel to the event at Carbon Footprint Calculator | Individual, Business & Events (

Announcements and Invitations

  • Skip the ” Save the Date” invitations
  • Choose all online options or a combination
  • Choose recycled paper choices
  • Support local artists: A great resource is
  • When embedded with seeds, invitations become a statement of life and new growth. Botanical PaperWorks plantable paper is typically embedded with wildflower seeds but other seed types such as herbs and veggies are also available.

The Wedding Party and The Dress

  • Find a bridal designer that specializes in eco friendly, low waster, and recycled fabrics.Pure Magnolia: “We try to use natural biodegradable fabrics that are less water-intensive and environmentally destructive — like hemp and organic cotton.”

Leanne Marshall is an eco-friendly bridal wardrobe. “A seamstress carefully crafts each dress one at a time. We try to minimize the use of polyester as much as possible in favor of natural, biodegradable textiles.”

Loulette Bride was founded to bring integrity, responsibility and a whole lot of love into the craft of creating your dress.

  • Wear mom’s former gown (Recycling!) or vintage clothing for both the bride and groom. Dress organically for the event.

Feng Shui  Fashion
Dress with the support of the Five Elements: Water, Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal

  • You may also bring in elements to enhance the elemental nature of your union, your personalities and your inspiration. Water Brides prefer creative or unique wedding gowns to honor their value for freedom of self-expression. Wood Brides prefer sporty or unfussy wedding gowns to honor their value for freedom of movement. Fire Brides prefer dramatic or attention-getting wedding gowns to honor their value for personal connection. Earth Brides prefer traditional or classic wedding gowns to honor their value for stability. Metal Brides prefer elegant or designer wedding gowns to honor their value for quality.


  • WATER: Creative Black or dark colors, sheer textures & fluid fabrics.
    Asymmetric or flowing shapes, Unexpected styling.
  • WOOD: Sporty Blue green or fresh colors Ribbed textures & naturalfiber fabrics.
    Columnar shapes, Informal styling.
  • METAL: Elegant White or light colors Polished textures & luxurious fabrics.
    Curved shapes, Designer styling.
  • EARTH: Traditional Yellow, brown or earth tone colors Nubby textures & basic fabrics.
    Boxy shapes, Classic styling.
  • FIRE: Dramatic Red, purple or bright colors, shiny textures & lifelike fabrics.
    Body conscious shapes, attention-getting styling.
Feng Shui Fashion 

Wedding Rings
Think Ethical, Eco and Vintage!
“We are convinced that by selling engagement and wedding rings, we can help end the world’s water crisis.”

Selin Kent creates pieces “all handcrafted by local artisans in New York City, making a fair wage, using recycled or fair-mined metals, and ethically sourced gemstones and diamond”

Brilliant Earth
Choose gold that is fair trade, recycled gold, antique rings, or socially responsible.
Learn more at .

Wedding Rings


Find a ceremony that speaks to your hearts. Perhaps it resonates with your spiritual or cultural connections, or an earth based wedding. As a minister, I have performed many weddings, and each one is unique. Be true to yourself.

“A young malay couple is presented by a silat demonstration during their wedding ceremony. Silat is a martial art in Malaysia and it is very common for silat demonstration made in front of the wedding couple in the wedding ceremony. Wedding couple are also termed as A day King where they are treated just like a King and Queen during their wedding day.”


The Reception

  • Provide organic meals, including vegetarian entrees and don’t forget the organic wines.
  • Use Biodegradable Tableware –
  • Hire a farm-to-table caterer.
  • Send leftovers home with the guests rather than waste food.

Bouquets and Flowers

  • Use local plants and flowers rather than imported.
  • Find an organic nursery for  an eco-bouquet.
  • Silk is always an option, but avoid using dried flowers as they have no life force.
  • Donate your flowers to a local nursing home , hospital or church after the ceremony.

Don’t forget the beautiful Roses. Roses are an ancient symbol of love. Learn more about the beautiful healing power of roses at Rose Alchemy, created and held by Sandra Marie Humby, former wedding dress designer. Learn more at:

Bouquets and Flowers


  • Give guests something they will use and enjoy.
  • Edible favors are always a plus.
  • A plant or seeds to plant for new opportunity.
  • A Gift bag of organic soaps and herbs.

Honey Moon Time

Eco-travel is in and it is easy to find a green travel planner. Look at Responsible  “ When your trip benefits others, you gain too.  All our trips support communities and preserve nature – which helps you get closer to both. So when you travel with us, everyone wins.”

Over the Threshold

When it’s time to come home, remember to continue the celebration. Set up a successful bedroom with eco-friendly material, and feng shui basics. Keep end tables on both sides of the bed to encourage a balanced relationships.
Buy a solid headboard for support, and paint with warm colors that emulate the human skin tones for connection. Keep the tv out (please!), or at least keep it in a covered armoire.

Make time to honor yourselves, and enjoy many joyous years ahead.

Renae Jensen
Conscious Design Institute