You have an inner power, a pure essence of who you truly are, deep at your core.

As life happens, you may have forgotten that part of you, or put it aside to fit in, to be what you believe you “should be” or just please others. Sometimes it seems easier to take that path.

Before you read any further, please let go of judging yourself for any way you have been up until now. Every day is a new day to be your best true self. Every experience you have is valuable to bring you to where you are right now.

Continuing this conversation, you may have found yourself hiding behind masks or a playing role instead of expressing your true authentic spirit. Reclaiming your inner power is about breaking free from any of these beliefs, patterns or entanglements and reconnecting with the deepest core of yourself. This takes courage, self-awareness and choosing to walk your own path, it may seem daunting – I can tell you from experience, the benefits are enormous.

Here are a few things to get you started for mastering the art of being yourself:

Ask yourself: Who Am I? Reacquaint yourself with YOU.

Create the Life You Deserve: Master the Art of Being Yourself

What if you were meeting someone for the first time, how would you like to introduce yourself, what do you want to share, how would you like to be? Look deep inside to wake up the “YOU” who is always there, waiting to show up. Find a place where you are comfortable, get quiet, take 3 deep breaths, smile & open your imagination. Think about the times when you are completely in your power, feeling free without any cares. What is happening, what are you doing? Get back into the feeling. I call this your “MC Hammer Moment.”
In this state of being, no one can change your mood-hear that song “You can’t touch this!”

Describe yourself at that time in 3 words. Use these words in your morning declaration, example: “I AM CONFIDENT, I AM CREATIVE, I AM HAPPY!” Now – choose 3 things you will do to support your declarations. Write these actions in your journal. Plan your day, look for things to show you it is true.
There is no right or wrong, do not judge, enjoy the feelings! Each time you experience your feeling of declaration, it becomes an even stronger part of you, a more organic way to be.

Now that you have your experience “being” you, how are you meeting someone new?  How are you showing up? How do they experience you?
This feels good – right! This is just the first step, getting reacquainted with YOU. Get more comfortable in your own skin. You are learning to listen to your inner voice, trusting that you know yourself.

Express yourself, be yourself with purpose. You will find yourself being appreciated for who you are, attracting like-minded people who appreciate you.
Set boundaries, use your voice. Learn to express yourself & offer other solutions which benefit both when situations are not in alignment with you. Always maintain your integrity & respect, regardless of how others may behave.

Keep going! Continue your journey of self-discovery & empowerment. Be flexible, be open to shift and change for your greatest good.
Here is an easy way to support your personal power & confidence in being the true you.

Connect to your 3rd Chakra located in your solar plexus just below your ribcage, the chakra of confidence, clarity, focus & power. Sit quietly, imagine there is a golden light sparkling jewel in your solar plexus. Take 3 deep breaths and fill up your light so it expands out through your body. Smile into your personal power, confidence, YOU.

I will make this even easier for you. My gift is a sunrise meditation & ten-minute tune-up. Check it out and let me know how you feel!

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