Conscious Design Institute Professional Certification Programs

The Conscious Design Institute offers professional certification and mastery programs taught by master teachers with expert experience in their respective field.

Conscious Intentional Feng Shui Professional Certification (CIFS Certification)

At the Conscious Design Institute, we feel that the wisdom on Feng Shui is integral in our professional and personal life journey. We offer a certification program that is rich in the history, wisdom and techniques of Feng Shui. Your life will never be the same once you see the world through “Feng Shui eyes”. We have developed the Conscious Intentional Feng Shui Professional Certification training. A professional consultant has the opportunity to work closely with clients to facilitate balance, harmony and abundance. This training is valuable to many professional career fields such as interior design, architecture, real estate, city planning, construction and home staging.

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The Intentional Environmental Design Consultant Program IED, uniquely integrates the principles of Eco/Environment Practices,Feng Shui, Green Design and Intentional Design.This exceptional Award winning 5 Day program looks beyond surface decorating into the very soul of the space.

Developed by the School of Graceful Lifestyles, Mary Dennis created a template of Intentional Environmental Design. This mastery program teaches new design skills that will bring you confidence and additional revenue streams.

This program is ideal for professionals looking to expand their business. Designers, Feng Shui consultants, Real Estate Agents and Home Stagers are a perfect fit. This program is ideal for anyone interested in a new career. Beginners are welcome. Craft environments that are supportive for self, family, clients and the environment.

This program is offered through and certified by the Conscious Design Institute. Please contact us for more information Email us at

Space Clearing/Harmonizing is a vital part of maintaining healthy space, and has been part of our human culture and practice for thousands of years. The Conscious Design Institute offers an intensive and integral certification program in Space Clearing. This intensive program brings you into the world of space clearing, with worldwide techniques, master teachers, and live consultations.

There are two ways to get your Space Clearing Professional Certification. You can attend our One Week Space Clearing Immersion, a concentrated program for those that need to travel or prefer an intensive course. Or you can take the training at your own pace, with a progressive series of organized Space Clearing classes. Join our elite team of Conscious Design Space Clearing Professionals.

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Mastery Programs

Elevating Your Expertise with these upcoming Mastery Programs

  • 9 Star Ki – Feng Shui Astrology
  • The Five Elements
  • Wisdom of the Bagua
  • Conscious Color
  • The I Ching

Further Information

For More Information, please contact the office on upcoming dates and class outline.
All certification and mastery programs are supported with master teachers and mentorship.
Students are required to complete assignments as requested. Your journey is waiting!