David Price Francis

David Price Francis is a spiritual teacher, master energy counselor, and personal growth expert. He helps individuals, couples, and groups understand and improve the quality of energy in their lives and relationships, enabling them to achieve greater happiness and success, both personally and professionally. He also provides business coaching on how to improve the energetic ecology within the workplace, the energies of effective leadership, and how to develop better communication with clients and employees. David uses techniques and strategies that he has developed and honed in private practice working with clients for nearly four decades. David is the author of Go With the Glow: From Psychological Pain to Spiritual Happiness, Partners in Passion: Positively Transform All Your Relationships With The Power of High Vibration Energy, and The Tales of Dr. Woo: A Journey Into Truth (revised editions of all three books will be available in mid-August 2020).

David Price Francis

Boost Your Electro-Immune System

Our physical body has an immune system, the prime function of which is to keep us in good health and repel invaders. Just as our physical body possesses an immune system, our energetic systems also have an immune system. I call this the “electro-immune system,” the guardian of our energetic ecology. Its prime function is to act as the first line of defense for our energy field, body, mind, and, indeed, the totality of our energetic and physical systems.

The strength of our electro-immune system is determined by the strength and radiating power of our energy field, also known as our aura. If our energy field weakens through being gradually worn down, the effects of repeated shock, or not receiving enough replenishing energetic charge, our electro-immune system becomes depleted. Less beneficial and incompatible energies can thus more easily penetrate our weakened field, affecting our wellbeing and the nature of our thoughts and feelings.

The power and effectiveness of our electro-immune system is a key determining factor in the quality and level of energetics that are able or not able to enter our energy field, and, consequently, our body and mind. When our energetic systems become overwhelmed because our electro-immune system does not have sufficient power to repel lower energetics, we can experience tiredness which is out of proportion to our level of activity, feelings of anxiety, depression, or carrying the weight of the world on our shoulders. Allowing ourselves to become overwhelmed by unwanted pressures reduces the power of our electro-immune system and, once our electro-immune system is weakened, our physical immune system often follows suit. We can then become more prone to ailments such as colds and headaches. All things begin in the worlds of energy and so when our electro-immune system starts to buckle under too much pressure or stress, the breakdown of our physical systems can follow.

Keeping our electro-immune system well-charged helps maintain the health of our physical and energetic systems. With countless electronic signals and the energy fields produced by the myriad of machines and devices which surround us, together with the waves of thoughts, emotions, and energetic processes of other people, it can be more difficult for us to maintain our core energetic integrity. By boosting our electro-immune system, we strengthen our personal energetic field which acts as a shield to protect us wherever we go. Consequently, although we may find ourselves in difficult or stressful circumstances, we are better able to maintain our core integrity and strength.

In our digitized lives–where everything from our toothbrushes to our wristwatches have become smart devices–our ability to create and maintain our core energetic integrity and strength is more important than ever. Maintaining and boosting our electro-immune system will continue to be increasingly important to our health and wellbeing. As Louis Pasteur said, “The pathogen is nothing, the terrain is everything.” The stronger our field is, the more powerfully it can repel unwanted or harmful energies.

Energizing Our Electro-Immune System

Our electro-immune system is energized through five primary types of fuel or food. The first four fuels correspond with the four traditional elements of earth, water, air, and fire. The fifth element, or quintessence, originally referred to as “ether,” corresponds with the energy worlds of the planet. The five fuels that our physical and energetic systems need and which can boost our electro-immune system are as follows.


The element of earth is represented by the physical food we eat. Without physical food, we would die in a matter of weeks. In addition to physical food, we also draw energy directly from the earth and emit energy from our field into the earth. When we walk barefoot, the soles of our feet connect directly with the earth. This allows lower energies to more effectively leave us and become grounded into the earth, while simultaneously enabling us to be more energized by the earth’s field. This is part of why it feels so good to go barefoot!


The element of water is represented by the liquids we drink. Without water to drink or the water in the living matter we eat, we would die in a matter of days. Water is also the element we use for cleaning. When we bathe or shower, not only do we clean our bodies, but we also clean static and lower energies from our energy field. When we go to the ocean, we benefit from the therapeutic effect of both water and salt.


The element of air is so critical to our lives that without it we would die in minutes. The quality of the air we breathe as well as the quality of our breathing are vital ingredients to our health.


The element of fire is represented by sunlight. Full-spectrum light provides vitamin D to our body, boosts our electro-immune system, and has a beneficial effect upon our psychological outlook and mood. The element of fire is also an energetic cleanser. If we gaze at the light of a blazing fire or even the light of a candle, it cleanses our energy field and, particularly, the energetics around our eyes.

The Energy Worlds

The fifth element is comprised of electromagnetic energy of many kinds. The electrical signals that work through our nerves, keep our heart beating, and are generated in our brain are so critical that without them we would die in seconds. According to how we think, feel, and act, we generate different levels and qualities of energy within our physical and energetic systems. The energy we generate, in turn, connects to the commensurate energetic vibrations of the planet’s energy worlds, attracting to us more of the same kind of signals that we generate. This principle is the basis for the Law of Attraction.

When we improve the quality of the five fuels we take in and raise the level of our energetic vibration our electro-immune system becomes more enhanced and robust. The quality of the physical foods we eat, the liquids we drink, the air we breathe, and the amount of light we receive all have a powerful impact on our health and wellbeing. So does the quality of energy we generate, connect to, and process by how we think, feel, and act. When we connect to higher vibration energy we bring more hope, inspiration, and joy into our lives, even within potentially difficult external circumstances. It is important that we make time for what gives us joy and happiness on a regular basis because connecting to these high vibrational properties super-charges our electro-immune system. The process of connecting to higher vibration energy can also occur by being more present in the moment and focusing our energies on what we really want in order to give ourselves greater clarity and focus thereby giving us a greater chance of achieving our goals. Keeping our mind and emotions aligned to what we tell ourselves we want helps prevent the semiconscious and unconscious programs we formed in our yesterdays from governing our tomorrows. Meditation and other mindfulness practices are particularly useful here. Further, releasing old habits and behavior patterns that no longer serve us helps to release stagnant energy that can block our ability to connect to higher energy and the fresh possibilities that might be available to us. It is important to let go of old mental and emotional habits and behaviors that are no longer useful if we truly desire to move forward and greet the future with an open heart and mind.

Understanding the workings of our electro-immune system and how to boost it is an important ingredient in helping us live lives of greater physical, mental, energetic, and spiritual health, and holistic integrity. Focusing on creating a high-vibration lifestyle elevates us into a journey of ever-increasing quality that brings increased light into our lives. It is a journey worth pursuing.

David Price Francis is a Master Teacher at the Conscious Design Institute. For more information about David and his work please visit www.consciousdesigninstitute.com and energyworlds.com. To make an appointment with David to discuss how his coaching and counseling methodology can help you, please contact him at david@energyworlds.com or call 646 737 3470.