Bloodstone is one of the stones for March. The dark green color has red spots (iron oxide) that resemble drops of blood.

Bloodstone is also called Heliotrope, Christ’s Stone, Sun Stone and Martyr’s Stone and it is known to bring health and strength to those wearing it.

Legend tells that Bloodstone has a spiritual connection to Jesus. At the time of his Crucifixion, the blood dripped from His body and fell to the dark earth and turned into stones. tells us that the stones acquired and absorbed powers from this blood of Jesus.

This stone of heroic sacrifice offers support and courage to those that help others.

Qualities of Bloodstone:

· Good health, Longevity, transformation of life/death
· Vitality, passion, courage, protection and nurturing.
· Releases exhaustion
· Respect, Honor, Luck, Prosperity, Fame


Bloodstone is a wonderful stone for athletes, increasing strength and power.

Carry Bloodstone to protect yourself against magic and trickery. Bring Bloodstone into the courtroom to aid with easy resolution of legal issues.

Bloodstone will enhance your ability to defeat enemies in war. This prophetic stone would give off sounds to warn of danger and provide the way forwards.

For “weather magic”, Bloodstone was believed to influence and control weather patterns. It could deflect and prevent lightning as well as bring rain and storms.

Ancient Healing Uses:

For over 5000 years, Bloodstone was used for it’s association with the blood and ability to detox organs.

Heliotrope/Bloodstone was dipped into cold water and placed on the patient to heal wounds, stop excessive bleeding, aid circulation – as it brought down the power of the sun into the healing process. It was worn by ancient warriors as a powerful medicine amulet of protection and courage and healing. Bloodstone prevented excessive blood loss during battle.

As a remedy for snake bite, tumors and hemorrhaging, Bloodstone was ground into a powder and mixed with honey. It was considered imperative to prevent eye diseases.

If you are in transition, making a change with your environment, home, office, then carry Bloodstone to alleviate stress and help your to adjust smoothly. Change can often be traumatic, and Bloodstone aids you to make good responsible choices. It will bring the sense of worth that allows you to move forward with confidence.

Bloodstone offers protection against injury, assault, bullying, and even verbal abuse.

If you have trouble sleeping, then bring Bloodstone to your nightstand. It will harmonize sleep patterns and connect to beautiful dreams.

If you are feeling alone and lonely, bring Bloodstone into your life for connection to the higher realms. Bloodstone also heals relationships and creates community.

If you are feeling confused or scattered, Bloodstone will strengthen the mind, widen the creative flow and allow you to achieve your desired goals.

Bloodstone will banish evil, dark spirits and negative energies.

For personal protection, feng shui and in space clearing, Bloodstone protects against any low harmful energy to manipulate the mind, body, and spirit. It wards off dark energies, and evil spirits.

Bloodstone also protects the home by uplifting, protecting and grounding the space. The stone will cleanse and transform the negative energy of the space, purifying it and then setting up a barrier of protection.

By positioning Bloodstone in your home or office, you will remove obstructions and blocks. It makes a great stone to keep close to your desk and altars. Wonderful guas in the Feng Shui Bagua to utilize Bloodstone is the area of Family/Ancestors and Children/Creativity.