Being eco conscious can be simple and rewarding. Share your plan with your children. Protecting the earth and making healthy choices are empowering and so necessary today. You do make a difference!

Enjoy 5 powerful and easy tips:

1. Clothes and Shoes

Smart Shopping: Saving money and the environment with second hand.
Visit local thrift stores, buy slightly used online, and trade with a friend.
Consignment shops and community clothing swaps are great opportunities.

Check out online shopping with sites such as thredUP
“thredUP does good for people and the planet. We give new life to millions of used clothes, offsetting the environmental and financial cost of fashion.”
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Back to School: Eco-Green Tips

Buy eco-green fabrics: Look for eco friendly fabrics such as bamboo, alpaca, hemp, or organic cotton, and recycled material.
Check out some innovative ways to repurpose clothing:
How to Make a Whole New Wardrobe by Recycling Your Clothes (

2. Lunches and School Snacks

Plan and Pack a healthy lunch for your children:
This will reduce waste – did you know that lunch garbage can be up to 9 tons of trash for an elementary school.

  • Pack a whole food healthy lunch – there are so many options today. Include your children with the planning.
  • Buy local at farmers markets
  • Avoid all GMO – Genetically Modified Foods
  • Pack cloth napkins
  • Use beeswax wraps
  • Bamboo Cutlery
  • Use a Reusable non-toxic lunch box and water container. This saves an incredible amount of paper, plastic and food packaging. Look for BPA, PVC free products. Consider stainless steel lunch boxes and water bottles., that are plastic free.

3. Use healthy hand sanitizers.

Avoid the very toxic hand sanitizers with some easy options.  Of course, encourage lots of healthy hand washing.  Check out some natural hand sanitizers or make your own.

Check our some options, available on Amazon: Babyganics Foaming Pump Hand Sanitizer, Lucky Super Soft Foaming Soft Hand Sanitizer, BAC-D Hand Sanitizer, Sun Bum Sun Bum Hand Sanitizer Spray

4. Choose Smart School Supplies

Although banned children’s toys, PVC phthalates are in most school supplies such as backpacks, binders and lunch boxes.

  • Choose crayons made in the United States, as imported can be contaminated with asbestos
  • Use recycled or replantable pencils, refillable pens and pencils
  • Use non-toxic glue
  • Guess what? Glitter is very harmful to the environment. Avoid glitter
  • Use recycled printer paper
  • Use sustainable Colored Pencils

Check out: and

5. Rent or buy used textbooks. Save your trees!

Such a fabulous savings when you can purchase or rent your txtbooks. Most campus stores offer used options. Check out online textbook rentals, and many ebook textbook options.