What are the upcoming design trends? Where is design leading us? What needs do we need fulfilled, physically and emotionally? Let’s see how the 2022 trends create a sharp contrast to our present canvas of gray and white. Enjoy a step into the latest design shifts:

2022 Design Trends

Hugging the Curve

A trend towards rounded, curvy shapes is making an appearance in design and architecture. Look for arched doorways and pathways both in exterior and interior design such as barrel vaulted ceilings. Curvy silhouettes appear in accent pieces such mirrors, furniture and lighting. These curved features feel welcoming and inviting. They create an embrace and offer comfort, joy and a return to play. The curvy trend moves us away from strong straight lines and into the gentle circle.

From a feng shui perspective, we see the incoming curve trend as bringing in a yin/feminine element in contrast to straight lines that are yang/masculine. The curve or rounded shape is considered a metal element, and soft wavy undulating lines are water. Metal and Water elements are harmonious and reunite us with our life path and identity.

2022 Design Trends

Nature Leads the Way – Biophilic Design

In this world of high tech, it is even more vital to stay connected to nature. Spending time outdoors of course is ideal. Biophilic design brings nature inside our homes, uniting the outer with the inner. Architecture becomes inspired by nature and is a representation of the Tao, our universal connection to all.

Large windows, doorways and skylights bring the “outside in”. Embracing natural light, fresh air, plants and natural materials remind us that we “are” nature. Expect to see windows with little or no window treatments. From a feng shui perspective, we Ideally want to utilize window features that allow us to control the amount of light coming into the house. Consider multi-purpose treatments such as bottom-up shades and drapes that can be opened and closed.

2022 Design Trends

Perhaps we will see a nostalgic return to the 1970’s where houseplants and macrame plant holders set the design scheme. This is an extreme example, yet we can anticipate seeing a houseplants return in a big way.

In Feng Shui, plants are a wood element and represent growth, prosperity, and family. Wood has an upward movement and can be very active. A note of balance here: not every area works well with too many plants, especially a bedroom. Plants need maintenance and if you cannot care for your plants, reduce the amount of them in your home. Selection, intention and placement is important.

2022 Design Trends

Bold with a little Bit of Drama

Finishes reflect creativity and a bit of boldness as we see mixed metals and bold statements in finishes. Brushed gold is paired with matte black. Personality leads the way as we move away from a sterile and cold gray world.

Color transitions from white and light – to warm and deep. There is a shift away from the colder, yang metal colors of gray and white. We see an emergence of deeper, bolder tones, such as blacks, browns and earth tones and deeper hues of blue.

Black is Back
Black is making a big comeback in 2022. Use black as an accent color to create drama, sophistication and create a big impression. Black appears in new kitchen designs, as black appliances regain popularity.

2022 Design Trends

Kitchen Colors

The photos of gray and white kitchens number in the thousands. We see the same sleek countertops and white cabinets creating a very clean yet monotone design. White cabinets will remain in style and they are a wonderful backdrop to the beautiful foods and colorful ambiance of the kitchen. Expect to see some bold color choices though, including cabinets, countertops, and islands. As we mentioned before, black will show up in many designs.

2022 Design Trends

The bedroom is making a design statement with some unique lighting, bed frames and mirrors. Mirrored closets are making a comeback, and before we go any further, may I say that mirrored closets are a trend that needs to stay out of the bedroom. The bedroom can be warm and sensual and unique as long as we keep the bedroom balanced and secure or the inhabitants. Inviting too much drama and unbalanced shapes can be a feng shui nightmare in the making!

2022 Design Trends

Hit the Floor! Hardwood Floors

Expect to see a variety of hardwood floor tones and patterns trending.

Reclaimed wood, lighter shades of wood, and using many different wood tones in one floor pattern will create interest and personality. Old craft styles such as wood inlays and unique patterns will be seen.

2022 Design Trends

Vintage and Craft Furniture

Look for great finds in thrift stores and yard sales, as recycled and repurposed furniture is a welcomed addition to design. Woven fabrics and natural materials create a sense of warmth and connection.

2022 Design Trends

Multi-Purpose Rooms and Spaces

After spending several years home bound with covid we have learned that our homes can actually serve as a home office, class room, exercise gym, entertainment hub, and a place of nurturing. We have become very creative with our home layouts, and the future trends are to continue to refine and define our homes as multi-purpose places of support. Flexible spaces, utilizing former “dead space” and converting rooms to multiuse is critical. Of course, include a dedicated theater room if possible.

Smart storage is always a “smart idea”, and even more important today. We spend a lot of time at home and as rooms become more multi-use, we want to be able to change the function and identity of a space and reduce clutter.

2022 Design Trends

Moving away from Minimalism toward Maximalism, or somewhere in the Middle!

Minimalism has many advocates as it offers a clear clean space and removes the dreaded issue of clutter. It has a monotone almost clinical feel to it, and it can also feel lacking of personality and warmth.

Maximalism invites in personality and individual expression with a variety of themes. It offers a freedom to express oneself through their design choices.

Artwork may reflect international scenes, carpets, colors and texture. Making a statement is the key. The big red waving flag here is to avoid creating too much clutter and chaos.

Embrace and enjoy the incoming flow of warm, soft, nurturing design trends.

2022 Design Trends

By Renae Jensen