The Conscious Design Institute is honored to present the 2021 Graduates of the Conscious Intentional Feng Shui Professional Certification Mastery Program

Master Teachers, Mary Dennis and Renae Jensen were truly inspired by this empowered class. It was an experience which called forth peaks of consciousness. Throughout the six days we all experienced sharing, learning, listening, and trusting… Life transforming!

Conscious Intentional Feng Shui is an integration of wisdom and modern day applications to create healing environments. Feng Shui is an ancient system that correlates health, wealth, happiness, and prosperity with how we design, decorate, and arrange our homes and workplaces. Conscious Intentional Feng Shui bridges this 5,000-year-old science into the 21st century to address, and benefit the environment of a rapidly changing, multicultural world.

Congratulations 2021 Graduates!

Mary Dennis and Renae Jensen
Conscious Design Institute

2021 Conscious Intentional Feng Shui Graduates